Everything new is a combination of existing material rearranged, to that end, anything is subject to change. The basic “material” or stuff of the universe is as one, there is no true separation and certainly no fixed states. Us humans are creators of the new. What do we choose that to be?

The Journey is the destination…

I Know many people, most people I know in fact, that spend an awful lot of their time doing something they don’t really want to do, usually with an slightly amplified speed and exertion in order to get through the task at hand ultimately to arrive at a more relaxed and enjoyable window of time and experience.

Fair enough! It’s just that when the majority of one’s daily life is some level of endurance punctuated by brief windows of pleasurable time then one’s life by definition is somewhat of an endurance the vast majority of the time.

I’ve found myself living this way far too often. Every day has to be weighted more in a certain level of enjoyment of one’s tasks than an endurance of them. It is the difference between happiness or not! Optimism or pessimism! Have you ever met a depressed optimist? I haven’t! As ever the state of mind pre sets the response to external conditions.

The process is where satisfaction is experienced, the end is just before the beginning of a new process.

Mark Twain Quote

“It’s easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled”

Humility and an acceptance that things are not necessarily how we thought they were along with the bravery to understand how they really are is the only way to break free from the net of any limiting control mechanism.

Oh, the January Snails! Bargains so good they will make your eyes pop out on stalks!!!

Who Needs Linear Time?

Ever had a rush to get out of bed, get washed, changed and to work on time? Ever been running late to meet a friend or partner? Ever shot to the bank in a hurry to pay in that cheque or money that keeps you from going over the limit? Ever dashed to the post box to get that letter sent in the last post of the day? Ever sped along at potentially catastrophic speeds in your car (there is a rally driver in all of us drivers!) to be where you need to be by a set time? Ever found yourself attempting a comically lopsided 100 metre sprint for the train or bus, clutching bags, handbags, briefcases and cups of steaming hot takeaway coffee that you unceremoniously scatter in jolting,  heavy sprinkling fashion through the apparently no spill, small steam vents in the plastic push on lid? Ever…? I could go on, quite possibly for the rest of my life, in the continual push to meet the next deadline, be at the next event, to get to where I need to be, to do what I have to do, and most importantly of all to do it by the time it needs to be done, before it’s too late, so I don’t let people down, so I keep my job!

Well, I think we can all relate to at least a large proportion of that! The common thread is that just about everything we humans do has a time on it. The way we live and the things we do are determined by doing things at set times and within set times. Of course, this system works, the man made construct of time gives us all perfect markers to plot our activities by, to synchronize with others and indeed to happily exist in the framework of organised society.

Now, I ask, use your imagination and consider, in fact, fully explore and visualise an existence where instead of conforming fully to the man made structure of time, you exist in a world where the parameters of time have been removed, there is no framework, no pre designed structure or agreements to have specific tasks completed by set times,  no compulsion whatsoever to look at a clock or watch and map your hours, days, months and years by it, to go about the activities of your life entirely free from man made time deadlines.

The result, surely: chaos?

To flick a switch and ignore the construct of time, right now, would indeed spell chaos for the framework of society that the vast majority of the populous exist in. However, if such a radical notion were taken on board, what would be the result? Where previously  pre set and pre determined guide lines and deadlines dictated activity, now, necessity would dictate activity. So, whatever was the most important or immediate need would be the thing that was acted on first. As priority changed, activity would immediately change to suit. An order of what was considered important would naturally develop, a system such as this would have the flexibility to cater for all the subtle complexities of a human being. The health, mood and energy level of an individual would benefit greatly from having the flexibility to plan ones own activities in such as way as to be in harmony with ones natural rhythms. On a high energy day, one may choose to throw themselves into their work and achieve twice the amount normal. On a low energy day, one may decide to seek rest or inspiration, not slave to a rigid set of times and deadlines, this would be possible. Allowing this type of freedom ultimately would benefit the whole well-being of an individual, leading to good health, vitality, positive mood and increased productivity. The difference of a person contributing to an effort of their free will when they are best placed to do so, compared to one contributing to an effort imposed upon them by rigid structure that may not suit their individual human needs cannot be underestimated.

So, I’m talking about “flexi time” right? That is definitely a positive step. Working and living to the clock is necessary, it is, like most things, a balance that I believe needs to be struck, an outlook, honesty and change in mindset that doesn’t assume conforming to rigid structure and meeting deadlines is the be all and end all of living a successful human life. Are we not after-all beings of wondrous complexity with thoughts, emotions, intuitions, fluctuating degrees of vitality and energy that shift, change and grow every day? If we acknowledge this, then, in concept alone it seems absurd that such a free and changeable being could ever find harmony tied to a structure or framework that demands consistent effort within pre set times, without any flexibility corresponding to the needs and overall physical, emotional and energetic variations of the individual. Isn’t it the job of a computer or robot to satisfy set tasks within set times to produce set results? A robot would be better suited as it does not possess the magical ability and changeability of a human.

The shift in outlook not to be governed by linear time, is to say that, yes, linear time is a tool to be used, but, that before the inevitable time deadlines that are placed on everything are regarded as unmissable targets that life fits around. It is these time deadlines that should fit around life. A life where activity is based on how an individual feels at any given moment, how right or wrong something is morally and what ones intuition tells us, if we can all begin to change our lives to live from this perspective, a harmony begins to develop. Instead of grinding against the rigid markers laid down in linear time, we can set the markers, move the markers or take them away completely as and when our mind, body and soul show us what is most beneficial for overall well-being.

It is far from the reality of the majority at this point in history but the true freedom of the physical existence is achievable when the world around us becomes something we work in harmony with and are not bound by. Linear time is a tool for us to use, our left brain (the logical brain) needs this construct. Our right brain (the domain of boundary- less potential) is not tied to the construct of time. It is to our benefit that we acknowledge and honour both aspects of our brains and do not curb our unlimited potential and wellbeing by being a slave to any form of structure that we allow to control us. We define the  ever changing guidelines, the guidelines must never define us.


Is It Possible To Fit Everything You Would Like To Into A Day? No…

Is it possible to fit everything you would like to into a day? No?

Is it possible to fit everything you would like to into a week? No?

…A year? No?

…A decade? Maybe?

…A lifetime? Definitely!

So don’t panic! Don’t stress! It will all happen, and the longer you spend making sure you do it all right, the better it will all be!

Every job has equal value if full application and the same time is applied to it. Should intellectual dexterity be rewarded above physical exertion? Well NO!

Every job has equal value if full application and the same time is applied to it. Should intellectual dexterity be rewarded above physical exertion? Well NO!

So why is it? Because those with superior brain power are able to acquire a luxurious lifestyle by creating or working in a system that creates or deals in a product on the ground floor (physical exertion required), the product is then sold at profit, the profit is then split up into wages or salaries. Both the intellectually dexterous mind overseeing elements of this system and the body offering the physical exertion, are necessary in the process. The intellectually dexterous mind or group of minds then has the power to decide how the profit is split

Huge differences of salary are down to greed based on a position of power without exception, when the same time and application are put into a job regardless of the intellectual ability. Someone with a sharp mind naturally fills a position requiring a sharp mind, someone with limited brain power fills a role requiring lesser brain power. Both have job satisfaction and fulfilment because they perform an equally important part of a system that is individually at their level of ability. They are paid the same, because they do the same hours and are working as hard as one another at their individual levels.

What is the more important part of the car, the steering wheel or the wheels? The steering wheel has the power to guide the wheels. Take the wheels away, the steering wheel is useless. Take the steering wheel away, the wheels have no guided direction. They need each other, they are equals, the destination is only arrived at with each part performing an equally important role.

Why Is Anything Important?…Continued…


The Greek word Apatheia, describes perfectly the “base level” of no importance applied to a situation, seen in a positive light, this place allows you to consciously choose the level of Importance or emotional power you then grant that situation. Further to my original article, enjoy Wikipedia’s exploration of the word. It seems I share a Greek philosophy.

Now, imagine a country so in love with a beautiful lifestyle, a relaxed, minimal stress approach to life, that, the capitalist model suffers! How could a nation put lifestyle choices ahead of the single minded furious apetite for making money? Yes, I share another Greek philosophy, a very modern one, The point of life is to enjoy, to live each day a pleasure. Is it a pleasure to base one’s daily life around the pursuit of money? or a pleasure to base one’s daily life around the pursuit of enjoyment? Ironically the capitalist model dangles the carrot of a beautiful lifestyle you can buy with the money you have mercilessly pursued. What if you just lived the most beautiful lifestyle available to you and didn’t over work or over stress yourself any more than you had to? Is modern day Greece wrong? Or is the worlds financial system wrong?

Enough of my rant!, Apatheia…


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apatheia (Greek: ἀπάθεια) in Stoic philosophy refers to a state of mind where one is free from emotional disturbance. This might be translated as equanimity or indifference. This is the root of the word apathy. Apatheia must, however, not be confused with apathy.[citation needed] Apatheia is a positive term; apathy, a purely negative one.

Whereas Aristotle had claimed that virtue was to be found in the golden mean between excess and deficiency of emotion (metriopatheia), the Stoics sought freedom from all passions (apatheia). It meant eradicating the emotional response to external events – the things we cannot control. For the Stoics, it was the optimum rational response to the world, for we cannot control things that are caused by the will of others or by Nature, we can only control our own will. This did not mean a loss of all feeling, or total disengagement from the world. The Stoic who performs correct (virtuous) judgments and actions as part of the world-order experiences contentment (eudaimonia) and good feelings (eupatheia).

Pain is slight if opinion has added nothing to it; … in thinking it slight, you will make it slight. Everything depends on opinion; ambition, luxury, greed, hark back to opinion. It is according to opinion that we suffer. … So let us also win the way to victory in all our struggles, – for the reward is … virtue, steadfastness of soul, and a peace that is won for all time.
—Seneca, Wikisource-logo.svg Epistles, lxxviii. 13-16

The Pyrrhonian skeptics also sought the eradication of feelings when disturbance depends on belief, but allowed for only a moderation of feeling when based on sensations such as pain. The term was later adopted by Plotinus in his development of Neoplatonism, for whom apatheia was the soul’s freedom from emotion achieved when it reaches its purified state.

The term passed into early Christian teaching, whereby apatheia meant freedom from unruly urges or compulsions. It is still used in this sense in Orthodox monasticism

If everyday is sunny, how refreshing the rain, a billion drops of opaque opel blue, tinged with liquid lust, the land will drink again.

Why Is Anything Important?

Most of our life is spent doing things that we consider to be important to us,  it gives us our drive and motivation to consider what we do important. The thing is, almost all the time, the criteria for doing something important is preset in our mind or a call from our body, we often run on auto pilot. When we ask for the reason behind the reason, all of a sudden we run from a totally different set of criteria, the original auto pilot “important” becomes an applied decision. We set the criteria. So, in a nut shell, or indeed in a clam shell (that will depend on your shell preference), something is important either because we choose it to be, or auto pilot mind and body tell us it is. The difference is auto pilot runs you, setting your own list of importants means the conscious considered you runs you.

Something is only important if you decide it is. One mans important is another’s unimportant.  So anything is both important and unimportant at the same time, it simply is. The power is with the decision maker. The truth is, if you remove yourself from anything in life (an experience or a potential experience), it has no importance unless you give it importance. Therefore it has no power over you unless you grant it power, if auto pilot gives you a huge emotional dilemma, change the default settings to- really not that important in the scheme of things, problems become quickly rationalised. If there is major disharmony in any situation, the way to create harmony is to change something in that situation. If you are running on auto pilot and a situation is causing prolonged disharmony, stress increases, resentment, stubbornness, competitiveness, pride, greed and ill thought out, spur of the moment, emotionally charged reactions are all likely to be at play. Auto pilot can lead to all of these things as it deals with a short term importance, conscious “important” criteria decision making, removes the importance of anything and lets you go back to a base level where you decide for yourself what level of importance you grant something. Once you have mentally got to the base level of no importance with a situation, you have stripped it of all power over you, you now have the power to plot a harmonious path forward, free from the shackles of all potentially disharmonious conditions, stress, resentment, stubbornness, competitiveness, pride, greed and emotionally charged spur of the moment reactions. You consciously set a course of action and a level of importance on that situation based on how important you logically decide it needs to be to create harmony.

To get to the base level of no importance is really not so hard, how fast our lives whizz by, is absolutely anything worth getting too upset about, what an incredible waste of time being upset is!

If you don’t set your list of importants, you are a reactionary entity to circumstance, desire and outside influence, if you set your list of importants you are a creative entity, you deliberately and carefully plot your path through life. You make life what you want, life isn’t something that happens to you.

The old pearl of being reactive or being creative comes into play. Take the c from reactive and place it as the first letter, reaCtive is now Creative. It’s anagramatastic! And no doubt a little gem of wisdom deliberately written into our language in my opinion.

So, why is anything important? Because you say it is!